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No one can know what you are actually doing but you. Sanding and applying finish are pure 100% subjective to the individual. How one person interprets the pressure and application is subjective. A 250-300 lb person will use light pressure (to them) in sanding at a much more pressure than a 140 lb person who claims to use heavy pressure.

The point is - you are having problems. Bubbles. You are using 3 coats of thin and 3 - 5 coats of medium. If 5 different people did exactly that, AND the blank was measured BEFORE any finish were applied, and then, the blank was measured AFTER the 6 to 8 coats were applied - you would have 5 different thickness measurements.

The only way to really determine is with measuring with calipers before and after. a point zero zero five (.005) build up is exactly that. And starting with 1200 MM and progressing through to 12000 will build up a film that will be just over microns thick. Added to that the wax will add a layer or two. I would re-think and ask if that is the Hut polish bubbling off. I have seen that and I have experienced that, and I deliberately got away from Hut polish for that reason. Then I learned that my idea of sanding was different from reality/actuality - after I got a good set of calipers and let the calipers determine how much CA was actually on it BEFORE adding wax/polish.
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