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Originally Posted by Yankee Remedy View Post
The finish came out so nice using that Novus scratch remover and polish I didn't really need the CA glue to finish it. I did put on a few coats just for protection.
You don't really need to put CA on top of acrylic in most cases. In fact, it often causes problems because you usually need to sand CA to get smooth for polishing ... during the sanding you can sand through to the acrylic and you can even get a peel-off at that point. . I almost never put CA on acrylic unless there is a specific reason to do so, like filling a small surface void (bubble).

I just use Mequiar's coarse, Novus 3, Novus 2, and then Mequiar's Plastix.
Sometimes even leave out the first or the last depending on what things look like and what I like at the time.
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