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Default I have discovered a new worst pain

I've had an excruciating pain in my lower abdomen for over a week.
I feared a hernia, but there isn't a bulge.

I bent down today, and the pain was so dreadful, I almost passed out.
I made a visit to the clinic, and after an examination, I found out it definitely isn't a hernia. However, I did strain my hip flexor and it could take a few months to heal. There are three degrees of injury, and mine is apparently a grade two, the most common.

In the mean time, the only treatment is inflammation medication, stretching (which only makes it hurt worse), and ice packs. I was told not to twist at the waist, as this irritates the muscles, so I have to consciously remember to step to turn.

This is going to be a terrible few weeks to months.
I hope none of you have to ever experience a strained hip flexor.


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