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G'Day Mal!

OK, so I do have relatives on my Wife's side that are in Corvalis & Eugene, OR, so YES, we may actually meet!!! (I will seriously consider this - no joke). You could give me lessons on metal lathes, and I could give you lessons on... dimensions of veneer (a sexy topic!).

TRULY, I enjoyed the show. The underwater video was exceptional, so no complaints here, except that the divers were not being polite to the corals (don't grab, don't rub, don't touch, don't step on, etc...). I did enjoy it, and the outcome was fine, I just hope others will see through the silk.

My son Chris is doing fine (mostly skydiving) and is a teacher at a HS in Chicago. I hope to do a few dives this June with him; I'm slowing down, but he keeps me going.

I'll look at my wife's calendar and see if she is visiting Corvalis. We might get a small group together and I could bring the IAP Collection???

But SPAM... I'll see!

Cheers, Mark
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