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Thanks for your reply, Mark. . Very interesting.

Now isn't that just the way things often come to us ? . We start with great expectations ... uh ... most of the time ... and then we find out the truth ... uh .... sometimes. . But as Sam said ... the kid in us is expectant ... and wants to believe ! . And keeps wanting ...

No, I am not talking about politics ... but in general ... things are rarely what they seem at first. . Sometimes they are worse ... and sometimes even worse than that ...

So, I suppose that's the way with movies and documentaries also.

I was looking forward to watching that netflix documentary. . But I don't have a netflix subscription. . And, actually, I don't even have a TV. . So I have been wondering for several days how I am going to view it. . Maybe online ? . I dunno.

Well, now I am spared the problem. . If it ain't true I don't even want to watch it ... well, it might be enjoyable to leave the beach in the boat and see the pretty colored wavy water and then go underwater with the camera ... but if it ain't true, what's the point ?

I would love to meet your son, Mark. . Archaeology was my first love. . But on thinking about aspiring to be an archaeologist I realized, after a while, that you have to be the cream of the cream to make a living at that. . So I became a physicist ... ha ... not much of a living in that either, unless you are the cream of the cream ... so ... eventually I became a teacher ... of sorts ... no training ... you know those kinds of teachers ?

And then, after that, a pen turner .... Oh ! ... LOVE that moolah rolling in ... NOT ! . Everything is going OUT ! . But I love it !!

I still love Archaeology and I subscribe to newsfeeds on the internet.

As I said, I would love to meet your son, Mark. . If he is anything like his father ... ! . Hey, I haven't even met his father yet ! . Oh the constraints of geography !! ... and other things. ... maybe it's like being told you should watch a video and then being told ... oh well, you know what I mean ... that's life. . I am sure meeting you would be a great experience ... I think it would be fun ... you know how to express yourself and tell the truth !

I knew you are a diver, Mark ... don't ask me how ... I dunno ... so I knew that your head would break the surface in this thread sooner or later !!

Seriously, Mark ... I hope it might be possible to meet you someday ... and turn some chevrons ! . Maybe watch a true netflix video.

Thanks for the heads down on that documentary !

Kids rule the world !!! .... eventually if not already !

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