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Originally Posted by Dehn0045 View Post
Mal, have you watched this documentary: ?

If you like archeology I bet you'll like it, I know I did.
I just finished the movie - It was very entertaining - TRULY.

However, as a diver with 500+ salt water dives, I soon became concerned at some of the diving techniques. (i.e., standing on the artifacts, ripping them out of the sand before proper sand excavation techniques were employed, poor cabling for the artifacts as they were drawn to the surface, not keeping the artifacts in salt water until properly delivered to marine archeologists to catalogue and work with, walking in the sand without regard of what is 2" below... etc.) And this is from an uneducated recreational diver, not certified as a wreck diver (but, I have been to this rodeo).

Needless to say , after I finished the show, I Googled it's title and found this:

I was not surprised. (My family has over 6,000 combined dives, my oldest son has a degree in Archeology, and this show was a scam!). But, very entertaining! I will watch (with a bit of skepticism ) the others in their series.

But - FUN! And I'll send the link to my kids!
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