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Default Laboratory Grade Vacuum Pump

I recently received a Welsh 1400 Duo-Seal Vacuum Pump (laboratory grade) in exchange for some commissioned pens. However, after a bit of research into vacuum casting (which I have never attempted), I have decided to explore pressure casting instead. As such, I am looking to trade this to someone that could use the unit to its capabilities in exchange for something of reasonable equivalent value.

Overall with itís solid condition and specs as a laboratory grade pump, I am looking for somewhere in the $600 range in trade of items of interest (acrylic blanks, segmented blanks, kits, turning tooling, woodworking / turning equipment, etc.).

As for more information on the vacuum pump...
Based on the Welsh website, the unit is a single stage belt driven pump capable of pulling full and consistent vacuum at 25 LPM and adjustable to 0.0001 torr with a 1/3HP 580RPM motor. I can not claim I fully understand what that means exactly, but the unit goes for over $1750 new and seems ideal for long running, high contaminate dilution vacuum casting applications.
The unit itself weighs 70lbs which we can work shipping into the trade. I have not fully tested the unit due to not having a belt or vacuum gauge. I have only checked motor functionality (works great) and visually checked for seal leaks (does not appear to be any).

Thanks for your time and consideration. PM me with questions or offers.

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