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Smile A mystery

Good morrow good people! I have not been here for ages but now I am back! Lucky people!

A few years back I needed a brain operation and had a VP shunt placed to drain excess fluid away from the brain.Since that time I have recovered well enough except for some meory lapses.

Before this happened my wife and I did a trip to Canada and the US so I took the opportunity to buy some kits at PSI. While there I picked up - at least I think I did - a couple of 5 inch long
circuit board blanks( 127/128mm in our terms) with a 9mm inside diameter tube BUT, I have no kits to go with them.

I am wondering what I might use as a kit to fit these blanks? I have some longwood bullet kits but they hardly seem appropriate.

I looked at a good tutorial by Les Elm on turning a cigar kit into a longwood cigar. Great idea but that would mean very accurate drilling of one end to accept the top tbe of the cigar kit. Do not think i am going to risk this.

Another suggestion is to cut the blanks into Sierra barrel lengths and make Sierras. That would give me 4 sierras but again there is a risk of tube destruction.

So I ask for any suggestions that will help me make best use of these long blanks.

many thanks in advance, artme.

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