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Default Female Communication?

Originally Posted by Gary Beasley View Post
Originally Posted by More4dan View Post
Valentineís Day is this week, dude you just blew it. Maybe even for next year. Good luck with that.

My wife has been literally pressuring me to get equipment for casting blanks completely unsolicited from me. If your scared say youíre scared. Iím scared!!!

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Sounds to me like she wants you to make some pretty blanks just for her. Any chance she would have fun casting blanks? She might turn out to be a good partner in crime penturning!

I made her a Minnie Mouse watch part pen which she loved but wasnít so enamored with cost. Wants me to start making them I believe so she and her friends can have access to many more. Doubtful she will want any part in the fabrication of the blanks nor pens. I also donít encourage it, I do enjoy my brief alone time in the shop.

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