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Default Female Communication?

So my wife, Lida, walked up and stood in front of me wearing a white robe over her clothes and we had the following conversation:

Lida- What do you think of this robe?
Me- (sensing a trap) itís very nice.
Lida- Does it look like an old ladyís robe?
Me- (throwing caution to the wind) all robes look like old ladiesí robes
Lida- should I hem it?
Me- why bother itís not dragging the floor, where would you be wearing it other than around the house?
Lida- I would never wear it, I am going to get rid of it (walks away)
Me- What the ****?

She doesnít seem mad and isnít throwing things. I will remain on high alert for a few days in any event. Best case, she is looking for an excuse to buy a new robe.
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