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I called Toyota, as I suspected it is not covered under the warranty since it "was not their fault". I put in my complaint and she said they would contact me if Toyota changes their policy or if they decide to offer compensation for owners that have this issue. She very politely told me "sorry bud, not our problem". Fair enough. Then took to the dealer for repair, final cost was $600, just one knock sensor needed replacing, but had to remove the air intake manifold to access it. It was covered under my comprehensive insurance, so only cost me $250 and shouldn't impact my insurance cost since it was no fault.

I will mention that my insurance was great. I use a broker,, for my home and auto. Side note - they saved me loads of cash on my home owners, I highly recommend getting a quote from them. My auto is through Safeco (liberty mutual), everyone that I talked to was very nice and their communication through the whole process was great.

Anyway, the truck is back in the driveway, loaded up with mothballs for now. I've read that dichlorobenzene isn't too good for your health. I will be swapping out the mothballs with peppermint oil soaked cotton balls. I also found a spray called "rataway" that I will probably give a try. My worry is that the leftover urine and feces is like a tractor beam for mice. Hopefully this is the final chapter of this particular story...
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