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Sometimes manufactures just can't win. One reason the wire manufacture used soy for the insulation is in response to making things more Biodegradable and "earth friendly". As you can see, it brought up a whole new issue, that again, the manufacture catches heat for.

Wife and I have owned Toyota's for the past 25 years and never had an issue. In fact, my wife old 1995 Corolla is still on the road with over 200K miles. My brother-in-law who is a mechanic has seen the issue a few times, but is not any more common than any other issue with vehicles, and he has seen it with all makes, not just Toyota and Honda. The wire also does not need to be made of soy for them to eat it, so I am not convinced that it is the Soy that makes them chew it. If there is not a source of food, mice will eat anything.

I run a RV service and rebuild shop and I have seen it in RV's a dozen times or so in the past 12 years, and the wire in RV's is not soy based. However in this case they were chewing it for bedding. I have found some that bit into the wrong wire (110v) their skull was still stuck to the copper. It happens in houses as well.

I now drive a 2015 Tundra and wouldn't trade it for anything. I think I would contact Toyota if I were you, you might be surprised, it's still under warranty.
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