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Default kitless Pen Contest

2018 Kitless Contest

Kitless, no component sets, custom, hand built, pens, call it what you want it all comes down to this: build a pen with the least amount of pre-made parts possible.

In addition to the universal bash guidelines these are the contest rules.

[b]The Rules[b]

1, For this contest it must be a fountain or rollerball pen. No ballpoints.

2, Materials and methods, you may make the pen out of any material and using any tools at your disposal as long as they are operated by you.

3, The only ready made components you will be allowed to use are,
The clip and the ink delivery system, ie. a refill for the roller ball fountain pen feed assemblies including ink cartridge/ pump/ reservoir/ feed and nib.

4, The pen must be made by you and only you.

5, Only one entry per person. Your pen may not have been entered in any of the other Bash contests. Take the best pictures you can because the quality of your pen will be based on what we can see. Keep your backgrounds and props simple so they do not distract from your pen.

6, A maximum of 3 photos will be allowed along with a brief description of your work.

7, We will keep the entries anonymous through the use of the entry form.

8, The pen must not have been shown before Feb 1 2017 on IAP or any other site. If it is determined that it has been shown elsewhere it will be disqualified and any prize won will be forfeited. Do NOT post a photo of your entry ANYWHERE until the contest is over, the polls are finalized and the winners have been announced.

9, Finalists will be judged based on;
Originality of design
Workmanship - The Overall fit and finish. It should be flawless.
Use of material - Composition and originality.
Over all looks – We want the most beautiful pens.
Apparent writing comfort.- Does the pen look comfortable for writing.
Durability- How well does it look like it will hold up to use.

10, All entries will be posted at the same time following the contests deadline. This will give all entries the same time “in the spotlight”.

11, A poll or polls will be posted, voted on by the membership. The number of polls will be determined by the number of entries to narrow down the submissions for final judging and a final poll will be used to determine the winners

Entries will be accepted starting Wednesday Feb. 1st and all entries are due 11:59 pm MST. Sunday February 18th.

You must use this Email to submit your pens.
Please include your real name, address and IAP user name.

The first poll will be posted on Feb. 19th, either Runoff Polls to determine the finalists, or if limited entries are received the Poll to determine the winner. Polls will be posted and run for 72 hours.

The second set of Polls if needed will be ran at the conclusion of the Elimination Poll(s). It will be posted and run 72 hours at which time the winners will be announced and the poll results made public.

Prizes will be awarded for first, second and third places.

1st place -- Magic Skew from T. Shadow and Co. $90
2nd place--4 diamond blanks from mckenziedrums $60.00
3rd place--- A gift certificate from Rockler $50

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