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Default Polymer Clay Pen Contest

2018 Poly Clay contest

Poly Clay contest
Email entries to Please include your IAP member Id, real Name and address with your entry.

This contest is for blanks made from Polymer Clay.

This contest is open to everyone.

This contest conforms to the Universal Contest Rules, unless otherwise specified in the following rules for this contest.

1. The blanks for this contest are to be made with Polymer Clay only. There may be a finish over the polymer clay.

2. All blanks must be made into a pen (this is a penturners forum), there is no restriction on the type of pen, ballpoint, rollerball, fountain, kit or kitless. (you can only enter your pen in one contest)

3. The blanks and the pen made from the blank for this contest are to be made solely by the person entering the contest (with the exception that you may used purchased canes, but you must state in the description if you purchased the canes and where you purchased them from).

4. No use of CNC or Laser or your submission will be disqualified.

5. The blanks must not be or have been shown anywhere on the IAP or anywhere else before the end of this contest or your submission will be disqualified.

6. You must submit two photos of the finished pen (do not put your name on the photo), having your name on a photo will have your entry returned to you for resubmission if there is enough time or if not enough time your submission will be disqualified. Remember that these photos are to show off the blank, so make sure your pen and photos shows off your blank.

7. Included with the pictures of your pen, you need to also submit a description of your blank that shows what kind of work went into the making of the blank, If you purchased the canes and if so where did you purchase them, without saying something that will give away who you are. Please remember to not put your name or your business name on the photos. Keep this limited to 200 words or less.

8. You must follow all the rules in the Universal Contest Rules that are not covered in the rules above.

9. All entries must be submitted emailing to this address

10. All entries must be submitted by Feb. 18th at Midnight.
Judging for this contest will be by a vote of the members of the IAP,
following the rules concerning voting in the Universal Contest Rules.

The contest will open on Feb 1st and close on Feb 18th at Midnight.

1st place - Magic Skew from T. Shadow and Co. $90.00
2nd place - A gift Certificate from hcpens $50
3rd place - A gift certificate from Kallenshaan Woods $50

All rules are subject to change for clarification or safety.
Please be creative and have a good time making your blanks and pens.

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