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Default Issues With Embedded Labels

Last week I posted a question under Casting & Stabilization. I should have made new thread so here it is.

I cannot remember a more frustrating project then trying to embed labels and have them come out better than a first grader. Here is where I am so far. At the present I am using Alumilite Resin for pen casting. At first I tried some labels from I bought a thing glossy photo paper and found the resin does evil things to the photo papers. Then I tried Modpoge and this ruined the label right off. No need to wait! Now this is crazy but I bought some clear shrink tubing and that stopped any damage to the paper, except on the ends of the tube. Apparently my sealing job wasn't good enough to keep the resin from getting under the shrink tubing. Plan #54 was buying some waterproof labels that are also glossy (no shrink tubing). Now I have a different problem. I turned down one of my castings and it has little white streaks like maybe the resin is attacking these waterproof labels also. So I may not go broke trying this procedure if someone doesn't have a better method. At this point does anyone been very successful with printing inkjet labels and then applying them to a brass pen barrel?
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