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The mugs have arrived. I'm pleased with how they came out, with one small issue. The numbering scheme we have always gotten, and which I ordered this year as well is: 1/150, 2/150, etc. That's pretty common with a series of art objects, i.e. showing the number in the series. Due to several factors, namely new people in ordering and production, the mug company numbered them without the total in the series; 1, 2, 3, etc.

After going through every possible solution, up to and including having them remade at their expense, I settled on individual certificates of authenticity. Each mug will be accompanied by a hand-signed (by the owner) certificate indicating that it is part of a limited series of 150. All factors considered, I felt that this was the best solution. They will also provide us with a nice discount on our next order.

If this situation causes anyone to want to withdraw their reservation, I completely understand. Simply send me a PM and I'll remove your reservation.

Here are the mugs!

mug14-.jpg mug14-bottom.jpg
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