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I don't know, Carl. Looking at the specs, the Weiss and the 1228 seem to be the same machine. If I look at the pictures though the Weiss looks just like the PM 1127. Maybe I'm in the wrong place or something.

The real reason for my comment though, is to point you toward Frank Hoose's multipart review of the 1228 on his Youtube site if you haven't seen it already. It's pretty complete and he's done follow-ups on mods that he has done.

As far as I know he hasn't added a DRO and hasn't mentioned any plans to although he does have a series on adding a DRO setup to a mini-mill.

Without going back to check, I seem to remember that you had planned to purchase the stand for whichever lathe you chose. Frank Hoose did that and ended up dispensing with the factory stand. He explains why in one of his follow-up videos.


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