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Default Kuro Negoro Urush inspired pen

I have been working on trying to get an urushi looking pen without the actual urushi. This pen was inspired by my visit to Manu Propria’s studio a couple months ago. His work is incredible and I hope to dabble in urushi pens in the future but until I have time and funds I will have to continue to imitate them. I was able to see the Kuro Negoro Urushi Pens which are incredible. I wanted to create something similar so this was my attempt.

According to some of Martins explanations of the Negoro,

“Kuro Negoro Nuri lacquerware is covered with an undercoat of black lacquer covered by a coat of red lacquer or vice versa used as vessels for food and drink offerings to the gods and buddhas, tableware and drinking vessels, tea utensils, and stationery came to be known as negoro. This term originates from Negoro-ji, a temple in Kishu.”

This pen started out with a wood base. I tried doing something similar by applying many layers of different paints, sanding down, applying CA, more sanding repeating the process. This was done several times until I finally was able to achieve this look. It took a couple weeks to do because of the drying time between coats. I really like how it turned out. After taking pictures of the pen I replaced the nib with an lacquered Jowo Black nib which I thought was a better option for this pen. Hope you like the look of the pen. Thanks for looking.


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