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Back around 1970/71 while in high school shop class, we somehow obtained some bowling pins. I turned one for a lamp. As I recall, the maple was glued up of pieces and not all one piece. The lamp was not too bad but the base was made from two different types of wood which did not even go with the maple.....but it was what I found in the shop that was available at the time.

I did learn how not to drill the lamp. The shop teacher used a grinder and file to make teeth on the end of a piece of threaded 3/8 lamp rod about 24 long. We chucked it in the drill press and while I held the bowling pin, the shop teacher started the drill press. I still have a scar on my arm where the lamp rod got me. The speed was too high for such a long hollow rod. It started to go off axis and whip around. I got it before the drill press was shut off and slowed down. Lesson learned.....use a hand drill at a lower speed or now, I now know how to drill on the lathe.
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