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Default Beginner from El Paso, Texas

Hi all! I’m a newbie originally hailing from a small town in Texas. I’m currently two years out from retiring from the military as a Blackhawk pilot. It feels like I’ve been doing it forever, so I’ll be glad to get out. Flying was truly fun when I was younger, but now it’s feeling more foolish and dangerous than is worth it.
I originally bought the lathe under the guise of getting it for my husband for Christmas as he seemed to want to learn to woodwork, but he hasn’t touched it once and it’s become specifically my thing. There’s something so peaceful about turning wood, the gentle “shookshook shhhhhhh” of working pieces. I can really see throwing quite a bit of money at this thing, unfortunately. I have a lot of interest in getting rare or interesting woods, or sentimental ones for penmaking for friends and family. This will never be a business, I’m sure, but I’d still love for this to be something I can gift to people I care about. Who doesn’t love a fancy pen?!
If there’s ever a thought about some new fun way to do something, some rare wood you’ve seen that was pretty or interesting to work with, or just some tips on how to really get that good shiny polish on a pen, drop me a line! Also, if you have any questions about the pilot thing, I’ve got some stories up my sleeves as well.

Great to meet you guys!

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