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Originally Posted by elkhorn View Post
Tim, thank you. I think you have a winner with these blanks.

Mal, thank you, I appreciate it!

Eric, I did not paint the tubes or the inside of the blank. I held it up to a bright floodlight and could not see through it. I figured I was safe without painting. Thanks for the compliment.

Jim, much appreciated!

MB757, thank you.
Beautiful looking pen...!

I was going to ask about the issue of tube painting, paint inside of the turned blank or both because there are some spots where it looks like the brass is showing through the more translucent parts of the blank.

Like so many other times, pics can show things that aren't really there and we all know that and that was the reason I was going to ask so that I could get confirmation in the brass is showing through in places or not.

You seem to dismiss that possibility from your recent answer and that is good enough for me...!

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