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You can get a 5C collet chuck, D1-4 mount, that opens and closes with a chuck key for under $400. A 5C Collet closer that has the open/close leaver on the outboard end of the headstock and the drawbar through the shaft for about $600 to $800. And if you really want to gulp, an Atlas hand wheel open/close 5C chuck with a D1-4 mount is about $1600. All from the guys you don't want to do business with, Grizzly. Others sell the same but you'll have to look around.

ER32 chucks for bigger lathes are hard to find because 5C collets are for work holding and ER32 are for tool holding machine bits in milling machines. It's only the little hobby lathe and wood lathes that use them. You will have to adapt an ER32 chuck to work on any bigger metal lathe. The UK may've some if you look as they have stuff you can't find here.

You probably read that the metal lathe is the cheap part. The tooling for them is what hurts.

For my Grizzly lathe I have a D1-5 mount and I have a 5C chuck key type chuck. I really wish I could have afforded the Atlas hand wheel one. Knew a guy with one and it was slick. ;) Someday I'd like to put a DRO on it.

Oh I didn't mean to stress you out. Honest, but you asked.
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