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Originally Posted by Curly View Post
I would have sprung for the next size up because the spindle bore is a touch over an inch so you can't fit a 5C collet closer through the bore. 3C maybe but they are smaller and harder to find. Also the chucks are not a D-4 mount so you have to bolt and unbolt your chucks just like the little lathe you are upgrading from. The D-4 lets you do the same in a couple minutes just by turning the cams with a chuck key.
I haven't pulled the trigger yet but I have to wonder if that's worth an extra $1k. A 5C collet closer is freaking expensive last time I did any digging around for one but it would be a nice future upgrade.

I'll have to ask them about the chuck mount. I assumed it was the same as the PM which advertises the quick release chucks. However I'd more than likely either switch out to an ER32 immediately to use the collets I have or just leave the 4-jaw on for the most part.
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