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The PM1228 was my choice. It was hard to want to spend over $4k on my pen making hobby, but I knew there was more I could do with it. As I was getting ready to order it, I got a Facebook notification "Your search for 'lathe' has one new match." It was the 13" SB that I ended up buying. I really didn't want something that was an antique and would likely need fixing. However, all looked pretty good (except the belt), so I gave the fellow $2k, and brought it home That lathe weighs in at 1600 lbs compared to the PM1228's 600 lbs with the stand. Moving it to the back of my shop was a chore, but it's there, it's wired for 110V, has 4" of quill travel, no DRO, no cam lock tail stock (but that has not been an issue yet), and there are some versions with the collet closer floating around. I know the vintage machinery issue is that they're harder to find and more expensive than ever, but at least parts are available, and there seems to be quite a few people that know all about their workings.

Having said all of that, if you can't find a decent older machine at a decent price in your area, I would recommend the PM1228. That brushless DC motor, 1.5" spindle bore, etc., ect. sounds like a great lathe! The other thing to keep in mind with it is that it does not include a QCTP (minor price addition). Also, I know you mentioned Craigslist, have you used FB Marketplace as well? You can set up a notification up to a 100 mile radius. As I live on the coast (north of Corpus Christi, TX), I set the center as a little town about 85 miles away from me so as to cover south Houston, all of San Antonio and a little south of me.

Good luck on your endeavors!
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