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Default Precision Matthews, Bolton, Weiss, Other?

Need to move up to bigger and better but I'm also trying to keep budget in mind.

I know the PM lathes get good response, but I'm curious on some of the others. (and I'm not a fan of Grizzly, sorry).

8-10" swing, 24-30" bed
1" + spindle bore size
Variable Speed
Cam lock tail stock
2.5"-3" minimum tail stock quill travel

Independent lead/thread feeds
Quick change thread dials (instead of gears)

Dream features:
Collet closer (yeah right, wishful thinking without going to a turret lathe)
Rapid advance tail stock quill and cross feed (again, turret lathe territory)

I'm sure I'm missing a bunch.

Right now the PM1228VF is a front runner, but it's a bit more than I was ultimately hoping to spend by the time I add in a base cabinet and DRO

Weiss has a nice looking machine in the WBL250F but gives up a few of the want category items but does drop the price by $1k and comes with DRO. But gives up quick change and the independent lead and threading screws

I'm wondering if there is another diamond in the rough out there that I'm missing. My local CL wants a fortune for any metal lathe that comes up and most are antiques that are missing a lot of the features that I'm really after or big industrial 3-phase setups that I don't want.
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