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I had been thinking about getting a lathe for a while, and I went to Harbor Freight to check out their stuff. Then I went to woodcraft to compare. The owner, Bill told me he had a leftover from Black Friday, a Rikon variable speed, and sold it to me for the sale price from Black Friday, now this was a couple months after the Black Friday sale. I think it was around $50 between the Rikon and Harbor Freight lathe so it was not even a choice. I got the starter kit, some friction polish, CA glue. Pen Press, ect. I had watched a lot of youtube videos so I had my starter list. Went back to HF and got the set of turning tools, I did have a couple of my grandfathers. Got it home, literally set the lathe on the ground of my shop behind my tractor and turned my first pen sitting on the ground.

I still have it in an IAP cup on my dresser. The transmission is messed up and the ink will not retract, big crack in it from turning too thin, crappy finish, etc.
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