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Well Mal, you have certainly made it justice, stunning pen, finish and fit, the aluminium looks good on it too.

Thank you also for giving us a little of the working process involved with this blank, and most importantly is the realisation that you actually like the blank and that is the result I was counting on, I have still a big bunch of them cut from the e-cig blanks/blocks that don't sell due to the industry "destruction", I have also a fair number of these blocks yet to be cut, I want the clean them up not only to recover at least the resin cost of making them but also, to start preparing more of this Coconut crushed Husky to make full/normal size pen blanks, that is my goal...!

I like what you did, congrats...!

Thank you for participating in this "offer" more will follow very soon...!

"Don't give others what you don't like for yourself"


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