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Default What is a negative scraper?

Originally Posted by leehljp View Post

BTW, this is not what is commonly referred to as the purpose of a skew. While using the skew as scrapper is OK, it is not what wood turners refer to as the intended use of a skew. Skews were originally intended to "cut" . . . not "scrape".

We do occasionally use the skew the way it was intended as well. [emoji16][emoji16]

I used to be into woodcarving. I went to South America and there were guys there sitting on logs in the mesquito infested jungle using tools made from who knows what. They put out work that I couldn’t dream of doing with my Henry Taylors.

I was impressed and thought well what ever works and gets the job done.

Now I do admire people that are blessed to do it the right way. I am just seldom one of them. [emoji19]

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