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Not sure I have an answer. . However, I would be wary of wet polishing DURING the overall CA application process.

Also, rather than micromeshing during the process I sand fairly lightly with 320 or 400.

After the CA application is finished I sand starting at 240 working up to 2000 ... no micromesh. Again, I do not wet the sandpaper.

For me, the CA goes on in a somewhat "ridgy" fashion ... that's the reason for dropping down to 240 grit to get the surface smooth.

I find that I have to sand at 240 and 320 until all shiny spots are gone and this can take a while. . After that, the sanding goes quite quickly but I sand lengthwise with each successive grit for about 40 - 80 strokes before moving on to the next higher grit. . No water, but, if you promise not to tell .... a little bit of spit !

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