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Originally Posted by David350 View Post
Just when I think I have it figured out, I have another CA finish problem. This problem is that I get small, maybe small, irregular pea-sized or so areas, usually only one or maybe 2 spots where the CA finish looks as if the color of the wood is bleached underneath it. Is this an artifact of applying too much activator? I use the stickfast thin for 5 coats, then the medium for 5 coats, then a couple more thin just to fill in any medium voids. I usually pulse 4 to 5 shots of the activator in between coats. I then wet sand with the micro pads, 800 to 12,000. Thanks in advance for any suggestions. David
I can duplicate that on several species of wood with a specific technique: Cover with CA well, sand smooth, sand through and add another coat. On some woods, the sand through (sand through the CA to the wood in a spot) and re-cover with CA. Suddenly, or later, that spot will show through. The "sand through" is often a product of slightly out of round or non concentric turning. That happens from several reasons related to mandrels - bent, tail stock too tight, not using 60 live center on the mandrel, too much pressure in sanding etc. Early on, it was not uncommon to get bushings that were drilled off center minutely. High spots, or other can cause sanding through the CA in a spot. Recoating with fresh CA makes that light spot develop fast on some and later on others.

This is not to say that this is your cause, but it was no uncommon a while back.

Activator, moisture and even certain types of CA might be part or all of the problem. In the past, when I had a sand through (It showed the most on Olivewood for me) I had to go ahead and turn ALL of the CA off and start fresh in order to keep the pea size light spots from showing.
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