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Default Thanks for the feedback

Thanks to everybody for the feedback. But just to clarify, the major problem I have with this specific organic material is not with the viscosity of my resin or the gel time (40mins), but air bubbles trapped in the holes. If there is no clear path for the bubble to escape, placing it under vacuum will not remove the bubbles (and there is no way to orientate it so all the holes face upward unless I am able to turn it in the resin - messy and very time consuming). I stabilize the material before casting so it is not porous any more. Placing it under pressure will only reduce the bubble size not remove it. Some of the holes are fairly large and at 60psi you basically reduce the bubble to a sixth of its original size. That is why I have been thinking of removing the air before I cast the resin.

I will try my solution out and give feedback.
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