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Thumbs up I would like to make you an offer...!

G'day peoples,

I have a simple offer for someone that is willing to follow the conditions/my request.

This offer consists of 4 (four) Resifill shorts (4") made from coconut crashed husk stabilised, died and epoxy resin of various colours (THIS HAS NOW BEEN CHANGED TO ACCOMMODATE A LARGER NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS...!) that I would like someone to put them on single barrel pens/kits that you see suitable and have some close-up pics taken and shown/posted on this thread so that everybody can have a look.

You only have to pay for shipping, AU$12.00 international and or $9.00 within Australia, I sent you the 4 blanks shown below and also a surprise git blank free of charge.

Why am I doing this, well, some time ago, I started to use this coconut crushed husk to make different types of blanks, including some/a few full-size pen blanks that sold at the time but I'm yet to see any pen properly done with these blanks and I wonder why they are the closest thing I ever made to the palm tree root Resifills that were a success some time ago, some still in stock from the last batch and the last blanks I will make out of that material as I run out and I doubt I will ever get another suitable root.

I find these blanks quite interesting and beautiful, recently I decided to use some of the e-cig blanks I made at that time with this material and sliced them into pen blanks that are only 4" long, some of these blanks and other of the same length were offered recently on IAP but, none of these has sold and I wonder why.

Is it because people don't know what to expect and how they will look when done..? are they concern the blanks are difficult to work with...?

I'm not sure and that is the very reason I'm offering 4 of these blanks (various colours) for someone that is confident that he/she can handle them without any issues and make 4 stunning pens out of them, that they can keep and do whatever they want with them.

I would like at least 2 pics of each pen and I strongly suggest that you use CA as the finish, the CA multiple coats will strengthen these blanks considerably and I also prefer to see that deep gloss finish.

I'm also expecting to see the pens made within 30 days after the blanks arrival to you.

So, who is up for the challenge..?

Put your name on, I don't think that this would be suitable for beginners or someone that has never worked with Resifills/hybrids so, I trust you will make the right decision on getting your hand up or not, I will respect you either way...!

Here are the blanks;


Are you ready...!

"Don't give others what you don't like for yourself"



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