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Originally Posted by Woodchipper View Post
I have drilled several pieces of acrylic and had no trouble. This one pen is getting to me! I drilled it on the lathe, as the others, but the hole is larger on one end than the other. When I inserted the tube, there is a big gap on one end of the blank. I checked some other blanks on the workbench and they have a snug fit. Keep in mind this bit is short and must be withdrawn, the quill cranked down and reinserted to finish a 2-1/4 blank for a Slimline. Your help is appreciated. I think I quit drinking too early.
Looking at Fisch bits as the instructor at my grandson's pen class said they are longer and work great for longer blanks.
Edit- I checked the quill travel and it is only 2-1/8 inches. If I back it up any more to get an extra 1/4 inch, the Jacobs chuck comes out.
I get the same thing on my damascus from time to time. it was from not clearing the bit enough. the shavings in the flutes act like sandpaper when jammed up. my solution was clear more as well as like ed says drill a pilot hole first. just my 2 cents worth.
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