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Originally Posted by mark james View Post
Thanks Jay. I have a bunch (like too many) of nice spindle blanks that size, so I'm gonna steal your design and play this week. I've got 4 relatives that this would fit their interests.
Cool! Glad I could help out even if I was completely unaware of it. As for stealing my idea, I stole yours for making modified slimlines so this makes us even!

I actually turn these like a bottle stopper, the only difference being that I sand/finish the top before threading onto the mandrel since it obviously shows. It leaves a little mark if the top is concave but so far the buffing wheels have taken care of that. Strangely enough, it doesn't leave a mark if the top is convex, I can't figure that one out. Yes, the hole is threaded, but that's not even noticeable once a few flowers are in it.
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