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I did not want to have to reply to you in words, Mark .... but since the posting system here allows only one non-verbal reply to posts ... namely "Like" (which in this case is not totally appropriate) ... I have to do what I did not want to do !!!

Oh well .... I am still trying to figure out Skiprat starting this thread.

I think he is being more subtle and obtuse than it appears ... cannot believe otherwise from a guy who is the unchallenged genius of our collective endeavors ... and a guy who has a well-recognized skill with words also !!!

As for you, Mark ... if I did not "know" you better (and realize that you just can't) I would be inclined to suggest that you keep out of the fray.

But because I do know you a little bit, I think that maybe "Like" would be appropriate after all ... (now where is that damn Smiley ? ) ... ... oh, there it is, down near the Bananas !

Kids rule the world !!! .... eventually if not already !

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