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It ain't me ..... it would never occur to me that any of us lowly members would have the "authority" to edit the smiley box. . I have enough "trouble" with getting my thoughts on paper without even using smilies very much. Now I'll have to look at "More Smilies" to see what is on offer !

EDIT: Oh, I see that it is called simply "More Smiles" and not "More Smilies" and that it resides underneath "Generic Smiles" and ahead of "Bananas". . And I also see that the residency of a particular one is not mandated, in all cases, by rigid property boundaries.

Notice that in the first-presented collection of "Smilies" there are 15 residents. . When you click on [More] you find that there are only 11 of these in the "Generic Smiles" neighbourhood while the 5 others are in the "next block". . And the

You also notice that, if you click a few times in the process of editing your post, that the residents of first-presented "block" change domiciles in an apparently random manner. . Not sure about the "Bananas".

Hmmmm, Skip ..... perhaps there is no real residence for some of them and they can change at will, with alien interference, or other subterfuge.

I know...I know
..... what is it that you know ?

Kids rule the world !!! .... eventually if not already !

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