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I'd like to point out that using the same body castings and coming from the same factory does not mean the lathes are the same quality. I have worked in manufacturing in several facilities where competing brands were made with identical appearance. One brand might have machined steel gears, the next some junk pot metal, and a third some junk plastic. The tolerances on the three parts might vary greatly also. A body casting that was scrapped from be might be switched to a lesser brand and be well with-in specs. That is a generality about "same factory" manufacturing and not specific to these products.
I have looked at several of the different Harbor freight/grizzly/LMS models under the different brands. LMS are the only ones I would buy. There seems to be a good bit of difference between them to me. Additionally, it seems someone in the back room at Harbor freight performs a drop test on all lathes.
I have not looked at the WEN metal lathes in person.

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