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In case I missed anyone -

The Pressure Pot Caddy is ready for order,
The MakerHive - Pressure Pot Caddy

There is a Image on the ordering page that shows how it assembles, pretty straight forward and simple. If you have any questions or issues, feel free to PM me.

If your product is damaged in shipping, contact me with a pic of it as soon as you can. I will send out a new one ASAP, no charge. (the pic is for insurance claim with USPS)

Note that sometimes after checking out, the PayPal page will return you to your shopping cart and it may appear as if you have not placed your order. Don't re-submit as I most likely received your order. If you don't receive a shipping notice within a few hours of ordering, then shoot me an email or contact me here. I'm not sure what is causing this issue.


Forgot to mention, if you are in Canada and don't want to pay the international shipping of $30.00 then contact me for a snail mail Quote - but most likely it will run about $18 - $20
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Get the Pressure Pot Caddy!
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The MakerHive

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