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Default Pressure Pot Caddy

I finally designed a caddy for my Pressure pot castings.
It's much easier to lower the caddy in the pot than it is to try and place the mold in without spilling the goo.

I'll be listing them for sale in the MakerHive store, probably next week. Introductory Price will be $11.00 (regular price will be $14.50) and flat rate shipping USPS $6.50 - $7. If you live in Canada, and don't mind USPS snail mail, the best I can do on shipping is $18.50.

PM if you are interested and I will let you know as soon as they are available. I will even put your logo on it for an additional $1.00 You provide the dxf file with a line art of your design.

The Caddy can hold a single Tall mold or raise the shelf form multiple small molds. Should fit most pressure pots. 9" d x 8" t (288mm d x 203mm t) SS #4 machine screws and nuts included. Made of 1/4" Melamine coated MDF. Light and sturdy.

Vender inquiries welcome.

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Get the Pressure Pot Caddy!
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