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There are only two things that can cause Cactus Juice to cure, heat and contamination. In a container like that, CJ can cure as low as 85 F. Even if the temp of the shop is not that hot, having a vacuum pump or oven close to the chamber can cause it. Contamination can come from oils in certain species of wood and reactions can occur due to sealed glass containers.

I see a glass container in the picture and even though it was not technically sealed, having it under vacuum for many days is the same as having it sealed. My guess is the glass container started to cure. As Cactus Juice cures, it generates heat which can cause the others to cure as well.

Please send me an e-mail. Even though I know for sure there is nothing wrong with the Cactus Juice, I always take better care of my customers than expected and will help you out on the cost of replacement.
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