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Originally Posted by Dalecamino View Post
Can I get someone to help cut a couple of short logs into blanks? One is 7 x 19, the other is 7 x 24 Both have some burls in them.

Any help would be appreciated.
G'day mate,

I believe the measurements are in centimetres, right..?

Regardless of the unit of measurement, if you have a big enough bandsaw, you can start by cutting them in half and then each half into half again, if the bandsaw is not big enough for these first cuts, you can use a chainsaw to slice them in half and then continue one with the bandsaw.

After the logs are cut into 4 quarters, you have to decide what type cuts you want, if straight-cut/with the grain, you slice each quarter into boards of the thickness you see more appropriate if the wood is dry anything about 20mm is sufficient, however, if the wood is green/wet,etc., you need to allow for shrinkage as it dries so about 1" thick is normally enough.

If the wood needs drying, stack the blanks on top of each other in a cross type orientation, this will allow you to create a "tower" that you can then strap down to keep it together and put it away under cover but with some ventilation/air going through it.

If you have any further questions, I will be here...!

PS: Pics are always welcome

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