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I don't know how many pens you have made (you joined IAP only last month ! ) or how many you plan to make.

A few high quality drill bits (like Norseman) will last you a lo-o-o-o-o-o-ng time without sharpening.

But when it does come time to sharpen, I believe (from previous and now forgotten research) that the DD 750X is worth the extra few $$ compared to the other models.

I have a 750X but I rarely use it except when a drill bit gets really buggered by trying to enlarge a hole in hardened tool steel or something like that.

I bought Norseman drill bits 8 years ago when I started pen turning, have made about 1000 pens, and have had to sharpen only one of them (due to the above reason ! ). . I have drilled through every possible pen blank material except Tru-stone or similar.

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