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I have been using a metal lathe daily for 6 months or so and I LOVE it. I have been making only kitless pens though. I appreciate it for threading with taps and dies. I have dialed in the tailstock and get very nice results. Drilling is also wonderful on it. I have a Jacobs spindle nose flexible collet chuck which is fantastic. I can't live without a metal lathe.

I have started doing kitless parts using stainless steel. the metal lathe is necessary for that as well.

With that said, I have three wood lathes, 2 of which I use almost daily. I like the speed afforded by the wood lathe at 3600 RPM for shaping of the nose cones, any final sanding I have to do as well as micro meshing and polishing. Then the buffing wheels which I cannot do without either!

You need both!
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