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Default And the winner is..?

Hi everybody,

I suppose, is time to announce the winner of this game. The first person that gave the correct answer was Dehn0045 on post #33 however, he has won the last #44 game, therefore, it could not be awarded 2 times in a raw, sorry.

It has taken many clues from me, even though I could see that you folks were struggling, I know that the way it looks is not what one can expect from the Radiata Pine but, it is what it is and I reckon, they look damn nice...!

So, MRDucks2 on post #57 has given me a close enough answer to make him the winner, his first win in these games, congrats...!

Thank you also to all those that participated, I try to make it educational and fun, I have no intention to make people pull their hairs out, that I would say is the price one pay for the resulting "excitement"

An if anyone is interested in any of these blanks either in cross or diagonal cut, I have 5 cross and 29 diagonal packs of 4 blanks at AU$5.00 per pack

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