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Originally Posted by Dehn0045 View Post
I suppose cypress is also a conifer, there are a couple of those on the list too. Similar end grain, but less defined resin canals/ducts/veins... As a side note - I got a piece of Hinoki (Japanese) Cypress from the "big boss" at work, he is from Japan. It has really tight growth rings, so I am thinking an end-grain pen might be just the ticket.
Yes, Cypresses are conifers and I have also some, you're correct.
Most of the old growth pines and Cypresses are slow growers and can survive for many hundreds of years if left alone, however, and as any other tree species, going over their life expectancy it only can result and total self-destruction as the tree will die and self-rot still standing and this means a total waste of resources, that most "greens" will disagree and claim trees life forever...!

Anyway, what I was trying to say is that those old growth trees have very tight rings indeed one of the most recognised characteristics of those trees, is rare to find those tree our days, most are now living in reserves and Parks, this reminds me of the #34 Toona tree which is an old Cedar species that once live in the area (old plantation, no longer) the growth rings in some logs were almost touching each other, a beautiful contrast to faster growers and their wide rings, this particular tree was cut and stored by the old local mill owner, over 40 years ago, unfortunately the mill close down last year.

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