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I think these are the dumbest things made recently, right up there with the pet rock, BUT I
made the mistake of mentioning that I'd seen some of these made from wood to my grandson. His eyes got big and he was amazed that I could make something like that. So now I was on the spot.

I started making them using bearings from inline roller blades for the spinner. I've made them from pine, cedar, padauk, Spectraply, and a few more woods. My son wants one out of acrylic so I expect I'll make one of those too.

Mine have been discs instead of the 3 point stars. Sometimes I drill holes into them with a forstner bit to make it look cool. Here are a couple of things I learned when I started making them: 1) the bearings are 22mm and very few of us have a 22mm forstner bit. It's right between bits so I ordered a cheap 22mm bit from Amazon. Made a world of difference. 2) you need something to hold onto that fits tightly inside the bearing to keep from slowing the disc down as it spins. I settled on half inch long 0.25" nylon bolt and nut. I had to wrap the bolt in teflon plumbing tape to make it fit right. A 5/16" nylon bolt would have fit better, but I couldn't find any locally. 3) Soft jaw for your chuck work really well at holding the disc as you turn and sand both sides. 4) These don't continue spinning as well as the originals because I haven't added any weight on the perimeter to give it more energy.

My results so far: I've given away 8 so far to grand children and friends. I sold one for $10. Should have given it to him.

Remember Fidget Spinner is a registered trademark so don't try to sell them by name.
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