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Originally Posted by Woodchipper View Post
I have done a couple of pens with BLO and it gives a nice satin finish. I was turning a blank earlier and came up with a question.
Is it better to apply BLO at room temperature or can it be heated a bit for better application? Best way to heat? Thanks in advance.
John; Be careful disposing of any rags or towels you use with BLO. BLO gives off heat during the curing process. Don't throw wadded up towels into your trash can. Lay them out flat and let them dry completely before disposal. For pens you likely are not using enough BLO to be dangerous, but for larger projects spontaneous combustion is a real possibility

Addendum; The BLO finish on the pen will not last. My preferred way of finishing wood pens is to apply a thin CA finish (about 4 coats). Sand with wet sandpaper used wet from 400 to 1000 grit, then 0000 steel wool used dry. The result looks like no finish at all, but has the hardness of CA and resists finger oils and dirt.
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