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Originally Posted by mecompco View Post
Those look great--it's obvious you have the Slim mastered. I like the profiles, and the fit and finish looks spot-on. I think my favorite is the spalted one, but they are all nice.

Thank you Michael! :) I'm glad you like them. I'm a stickler for removing scratches so I spend more time that I like on sanding. Also, I am still working on a finish that is durable and fast to complete.

Started with friction polish even though I know it's no good in the long's also really hard on the hands to apply for a glossy finish. (unless I'm doing it wrong, the hotter you can get the friction--the harder you hold it--the better the gloss, and it is going to kill my hands if I do that to too many pens. I did most of these pens with friction polish. The sheen is satin-like for the most part. My husband finished a couple and they are shinier because he can get more friction (stronger hold)

Been trying CA but I don't have my buffing station set up completely so while I'm waiting, I tried CA with a few coats of wipe-on poly, and the plywood pen has a wonderful gloss unlike the other pens. I used the lathe as a rotisserie while drying the finish. I HATE the slow dry time, and my lathe is out of commission the entire time. The other day I was working on a finish and didn't let the current layer dry COMPLETELY before applying the next. It took literally DAYS for it to dry and I had to sit the pen in front of a fan before it finally dried. That just isn't going to work in the long-term, so I'm looking forward to CA + buffing for a fast apply and durable finish.

As for kits, I really love the look of a Slimline, I also love Euros and have a bunch of those kits. I would be interested in trying some of the expensive kits but I want to know that people will actually BUY my pens before I dish out the cash for fancy kits.

Thanks for the comments, it means so much! :)
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