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Originally Posted by Dehn0045 View Post
I'm with you Mike, I sanded the end grain of a 2x4 in the shop last night, the appearance was strikingly similar. I think the black dots are resin ducts (or resin canals), only present in conifers: Softwood Anatomy | The Wood Database . From what I can tell, George only has two conifers on the list, Radiata and Norfolk, but since Radiata is #13 and Norfolk is #58, I went with Radiata based on the other clues. I think I might go looking for a nice piece of construction lumber to cross-cut into pen blanks...

Whoops, didn't see Knotty pine -- a third possibility...
In fact, I had more conifers the #25 Knotty pine that is on the list and a few others such as the Stone Pine, Sugar Pine and Ponderosa pine, these last 2 only in very small amounts.

I like Pines and I have made my opinion known for many years in these forums, the biggest mistake most people make is to think that is only one type of pine and that is the one you see in the lumber yards but that couldn't be further from the reality, some pines are very exquisite and quite rare.

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