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Originally Posted by greenacres2 View Post
All nice, but i'd pick 5-7-9 as my top 3, order would vary by my mood!!

(interesting that as I type that I was reminded of the "5-7-9 Shop" which was a dress store where I grew up in the 1960's. Don't know why I recall that, I never shopped there!!)
:D Thanks for your comment! I will admit that the spalted pen is the show-stopper of the group in my opinion, but the others are very nice in their own ways too. As for preference, I have a lot of fun switching out the "pen of the day" so I get to enjoy them all. It's wonderful to have an artistic pastime which yields something so useful! :)

5-7-9 was a store I actually shopped at many times as it was my size and offered petite sizes which was perfect! :) However, they are gone now I believe. Oh well, times change and malls will some day be a thing of the past I imagine!
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